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I love books. I particularly enjoy YA and Fantasy. I have a website that finds books I like when they go on sale. I'll share those books (and others I'm excited about) here.

The Lost Heir

The Lost Heir  - E.G. Foley Jake & the Giant - E.G. Foley The Dark Portal (The Gryphon Chronicles, Book 3) - E.G. Foley

This is a wonderfully fun book (as are the rest in the series).  An orphan who has lived his life on the streets in Victorian England suddenly comes into some strange powers.  He has a wily and honest girl to keep him straight when things start to go crazy.  Soon he learns he is the lost heir to a title and a vast fortune that a crazy (but very philanthropic) uncle will do anything to keep.


The book is fast-paced and includes a cast of lovable and unique characters.  Every child (or adult) will find a hero to identify with.  The series continues to be strong and enjoyable with the next two books.