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I love books. I particularly enjoy YA and Fantasy. I have a website that finds books I like when they go on sale. I'll share those books (and others I'm excited about) here.
The Lord of Opium - Nancy Farmer The House of the Scorpion - Nancy Farmer

The Lord of Opium is still on sale for just $1.99.  You have to go get it.  It is the second book in Nancy Farmer's Alacran Series, but the first was fantastic.


A boy has an idyllic life with a wonderful woman, but he is forced to stay out of sight all day while she goes to work.  When he is caught outside one day he learns that he is a clone of the drug lord of the opium farm.  It is in the future and to control the drug trade, the US and Mexico have laid out a five mile strip of legal drug farms between the two countries.  Everything seems perfect, but it is not.