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I love books. I particularly enjoy YA and Fantasy. I have a website that finds books I like when they go on sale. I'll share those books (and others I'm excited about) here.

The Looking Glass Wars #1 - Audio Library Edition

The Looking Glass Wars  - Frank Beddor, Gerard Doyle I'm surprised at the number of negative reviews this book received. I have avoided it for awhile, but my little library does not have a large selection of audiobooks and I needed one for a long drive. This was a wonderful narration. I am oftentimes horrified at being forced to listen to every word that an author I love writes, R. A. Salvatore's books come to mind, but I was mostly engrossed in this book. I loved the way it made use of Carroll's work in such a way as to be able to take great liberties with the story, while still showing us how the author was inspired by the original. I will definitely be finishing the series when I travel again.